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Benefits of Mangoes Leaves for human body

Benefits of Mangoes Fruits, seeds and leaves of mango
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Benefits of Mangoes Fruits, seeds and leaves of mango are so numerous that will be outlined both the benefits and nutritional contents of mangoes and mango seed and leaf properties. For the father, mother and friend all that had mango tree it ought to be proud.

Benefits fruit, seeds and leaves of Mango

Mango is a fruit name, nor the name of the tree. Mangoes belong to the genus Mangifera, consisting of 35-40 members, and tribal Anacardiaceae. The scientific name is Mangifera indica.

Mango tree plants, including high-level structure of the trunk (habitus) group included arboreus, namely woody plants that have a height of more than 5 m. Mango can reach a height of 10-40 m.

The name is derived from the Malayalam fruit maanga. This word in Indonesian be paired mango; and on the other hand, this word was brought to Europe by the Portuguese and was absorbed into manga (Portuguese), mango (English) and others. The scientific name itself roughly means: "(trees) which bear fruit mango, originated from India".

Mango is a fruit that comes from India and from the Latin word known as Mangifera Indica. mangoes including group fleshy stone fruit, with a size and shape very change - change depending on the kinds, ranging from oval to elongated oval. and very diverse mango varieties like mango Gedong, gadung mango, mango indramayu, cotton candy and mango mango doll. Long pieces about - about 2.5 - 30 cm. behind the fruits of mango, fruit and mango seeds are very nutritious for health.

Mangoes contain vitamin A, C and E are very good for skin rejuvenation and prevent cancer in mango are carotenoid called crytoxanthin, namely BHN penumpas good cancer. the content of gallic acid in mango, very good for digestion. besides the content riboflavinnya good for maintaining healthy eyes, mouth and throat. mangoes also have a water content of 75% -80%.

Mango has a chemical composition, which is composed of water, carbohydrates, and various kinds of acids, proteins, fats, minerals, pigments, tannins, vitamins and substances are volatile and fragrant. the composition of the most is water and carbohydrates.

In addition to the fruit, the mango skin will also AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and by eating a mango on a regular basis can make the skin softer and more radiant. because mango is very effective in reducing clogging pores - pores and has anti-oxidant high and low in carbohydrates. This fruit contains a lot of tryptophan were extremely helpful in the formation of serotonin, which produces the hormone of happiness boosters. for pregnant women and patients with anemia at the recommended to consume lots of mangoes.

Mango's Health Benefits

1. Keep cancer.

It has been scientifically proven in which researchers get interesting facts about the content of anti-oxidants in a mango. Anti-oxidant is very influential and effective in protecting the human body from a variety of risks such as cancer of the breast, colon, kakner blood, prostate and many others. The compound is in a very powerful mango reduce the threat of cancer is gallic acid, astragalin, filsetin, quercetin and also methylgallat.

2. Brighten the skin.

The benefits of mango this one is certainly tempting women. By eating mangoes, your pores will be much cleaner and acne. In effect, your skin will be much brighter and healthier. These benefits can be obtained by eating mango or by using it as a beauty ingredient such as a mask, for example.

3. Reduce the number xholeterol.

These benefits stem from the content of vitamin C in the mango is high. Vitamin C is able to detoxify the blood of the elements are not important as the bad cholesterol.

4. Make eyes brighter.

Eating mango cup each day will help your eyes seba he is very rich in vitamin A. Mango also helps to keep eyes kept moist and protected from drought.

5. Benefits other mango is to meet the needs of human alkaline.

Compounds present in mango such as tartaric acid, citric acid and malic acid also can withstand alkaline reserve in the human body.

Benefits of Mangoes for Increase the passion and energy of sex.
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6. Increase the passion and energy of sex.

The benefits of this one is certainly very coveted those who have been paired. Reportedly levels of vitamin E in mango can help increase sex drive! So do not hesitate to consume mangoes ewvery day.

7. Mango is able to improve the digestion system

the benefits of this one closely related to the content of fiber or natural fiber in mango.

8. Eliminate heartburn.

Mangoes can function as cooling the body. Heat in the kidney usually appears when burdened with the hot weather. By eating a mango, you can neutralize toxins and temperature in your kidneys.

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9. Other benefits of mango fruit is to improve one's immune.

This is closely related with vitamin A C also widely found in mangoes. In addition, fruit with gorgeous color of meat it contains at least 25 carotenoids very well in keeping the body fit.

Mango Seed Benefits for Health

Besides the fruit, mango fruit seeds also contain a lot of health benefits. So from now after eating proud, not in the seeds not waste.

1. Very nice mango seeds for the treatment of diarrhea. The way is by seeds should be collected during the mango season, dried in the shade and powdered, and stored for use as medicine when required.
2. Seeds of mango can be used to flour or traditional food. The trick is seed middle part. first to throw a thin membrane surrounding her. mango seed subsequently washed and dried. After drying ground up into flour and dried back. after so flour can be consumed similar meals porridge, porridge or fried.
3. mango seeds can prevent outbreaks of listeriosis. Pure tannin extracted by Engels of mango. The substance proved to inhibit the deleterious effects of various types of bacteria including Listeria kind of deadly pathogens that commonly infect meats and caused an outbreak of illness in Canada in 2008.

Efficacy Mango Leaf For Health

Well another great addition to fruit and seeds, the leaves of the mango tree also contains a lot of benefits for medicine and health care.

diabetic angiopathy

This disease is known as vascular diseases in because of diabetes. not only that, a definite improvement observed in diabetes is mainly due to the healing effect of these compounds on the leaf veins in and around the pancreas. Tea made from mango leaves are also good in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and hypertension.

1 cup / mug every day with 2 tablespoons guava, mango or papaya juice would be ideal to strengthen the fragile veins and varicose veins.

Benefits of Mangoes Leaves Lowering High Blood Pressure
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Lowering High Blood Pressure

Can treat anxiety in the individual. Two to three cups of tea can be added to bath water and used as a herbal bath to refresh the spirit and cool.

Mango leaves benefits for diarrhea, fever, insomnia and hypertension

It is seen as a common remedy for diabetes. Jamaica is known to use herbal medicines that are cheaper and most of the trees that grow on almost every page of your coming, that gives everyone easy access to alternative medicine. 1 cup each day with 2 tablespoons guava, mango or papaya juice would be ideal to strengthen the fragile veins and varicose veins.

Benefits of mango leaves to relieve coughs

Especially whooping cough and is also beneficial for asthma, bronchitis and colds. Therefore, a good tool in any respiratory condition. Benefits of Mango leaves also make herbal mouthwash is excellent for a variety of gum problems. This will reduce the pain and bring relief to the mouth.

Mango leaves benefits for gout

The trick young mango leaves brewed as brewing tea in a glass. Hot water for a minute it changes color to brown, then add a little white sugar. Then drink the infusion of the young mango leaves.

Relieves Symptoms of Diabetes

Way, simply by soaking overnight mango leaves in a cup of water. After that, drain leaves out and drink the water. This helps to relieve the symptoms of diabetes.

Besides fruits, seeds and leaves, clear the mango trees are also a lot of benefits, particularly for the absorption of water, thus preventing flooding, keep the ground water as well as making the air cool and cold. Well that was a lot of benefits from trees, fruits, seeds and leaves of mango. For those who like mango, continue.

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