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Big Healthy Boobs with Baby Oil

Benefits of Baby Oil to Raising Boobs
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Big Healthy Boobs with Baby Oil - The breast is indeed be a very valuable asset for women. Which woman does not want to have the shape and size of breasts taut, dense, and plump. However, not all women have the ideal breast size so that women who have small breast size or less than ideal always feel less confident and want to raise the breast quickly but in a natural way.

The way of raising the breasts quickly before going to sleep is one of the ways a very good alternative and natural to help those of you who want to have the beautiful ideal breast shape. As research reveals that wearing a bra that is too long can cause breast disease even breast cancer. So, wearing a bra more than 12 hours a day it's not good. It would be nice, if you take off the bra before bed as it can avoid a disease that does not chill, moreover, it can help increase the size of the breast.

If you are already taking off her bra before bed, you can do the next step, i.e., massaging the breast. Do breast massage will smoothen the flow of blood and hormones to the breast. By doing this, then massage the hormone can be easily transported to the cells of the breast. If the breasts are already getting enough nutrients, then breast tissue will undergo stimulations to the body.

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Raising Breast with Baby Oil
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How to perform breast massage techniques with Baby Oil before bed:

  • Spend about 30 minutes before bedtime to massage your breasts
  • Then place both your hands, each on both breasts
  • And then do massage clockwise to bust You right
  • Do the same thing with the left breast, but the opposite direction clockwise
  • Avoid massage the nipple, because the breast nipple is a sensitive
  • Use the oil of life or baby oil when doing massage of the breast so that the skin around the breast does not blister and eases of breast massage techniques.
  • Do massage with slow at least 300 rounds (30 minutes) each day and do every night before bed for maximum results.


Well, that's the way of raising the breasts quickly before bed that you can apply for those of you who want to have big breasts. Good luck!

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