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Good Benefits of Alcohol

advantages of drinking alcohol wikipedia
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Good Benefits of Alcohol - For some people drink alcohol is like needed, even  disadvantages of alcohol will shown if human take too much alcohol. Besides the bad effects of drinking alcohol there are also many benefits of alcohol, here are some information about that:

Wine benefits for skin
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The aperitif wine, this one comes from the grapes and often become icons in romantic films. With a glass of wine per day limit, can reap the benefits of wine-seller.

For the women, wine can increase the level of estrogen, which slows the bone damage and reduces the risk of dying young up to 33%. As for the men, wine is able to reduce the risk of the occurrence of prostate cancer.

For our bodies, wine is able to confront the disease against our bodies, like stroke, kidney stones, heart coroner diabetes and cancers of the upper digestive tract.

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good benefits of beer alcohol
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Beer is a popular drink in the world after water and tea. Consumed since 5000 years ago, beer was made generally made from fermented wheat can reduce the risk of heart disease. While low-alcoholic beer can be used as anti cancer if drunk regularly.

One and a half glass of beer a day can increase insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of diabetes and kidney stones. In addition to this protein in the brain is able to protect the beer or the threat of attack Alzheimer's and breast cancer in women.

good benefits of whiskey
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Whiskey originally used for medicine at the end of the 14th century and later known as the water of life. One shot whisky contains ellagic acid which is more than the red wine that is useful for reducing cancer. Free radicals are able to mess up the makeup of DNA so that cancer cells will be replaced with natural.

alcohol benefits for skin
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Vodka drink this would seem to be companions for the women. How not, benefit of vodka to beautify the skin of the face or head. To shrink the pores can affix vodka on cotton and quite slaped to the face.

As for  that dandruff can mix some shot of vodka in a bottle of shampoo . And the last is to smooth the feet and hands and pedicure menicure  before, simply combine the vodka into the warm water and soak the feet.

Alhtough many benefits of alcohol you can get from drink it, don't be insane because everything that too much is never good.

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