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Benefits of Soursop leaves for health

Benefits of Soursop leaves for health
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Benefits of Soursop leaves for health – the Soursop fruit is one that is easily found in Indonesia. And recently the soursop leaves Central became the talk of many, because the leaves from the fruit of this one could be a folk remedy for some diseases. Basically the soursop leaves indeed contain substances that are immune boost, making it very beneficial if the consumption regularly to maintain good health.

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Health

Some of the compounds in soursop leaves that are very beneficial to the body include, namely acetogennis, gigantronin, linoeic acid, anonol, annocatacin and much more. The content of useful substances which make soursop leaves can become a folk remedy for some diseases. The following benefits of Soursop leaves information for health:

Cure Gout

Uric acid is one of the disease that often strikes older people already, but could not close the possibility that can strike at a young age. And soursop leaves can be a powerful medicine to take some, do I take the 10 sheets soursop leaves and boil with 1 glass of water to the boil, let cool slightly and drink water regularly twice a day.

Overcoming Diabetes

Soursop leaves also can treat diabetes, almost the same way i.e. by boiling soursop leaves and drinking water.

Treating Cancer

The content contained in soursop leaves have 100 times the equivalent power of chemotherapy, so that it can cope with cancer. Do I boil 10 sheets soursop leaves with 3 cups of water to boil until the water is receding and the remaining 1 cups, then drink the water. Drinking twice a day for 2 weeks.

soursop leaves can also lower blood pressure
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Lowering High Blood Pressure

Water decoction of soursop leaves can also lower blood pressure, for you who have high blood pressure, traditional medicine is mandatory for you to try because it is very effective and without side effects.

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Cure asthma and shortness of breath

Soursop leaves can also treat asthma da shortness of breath, do I take 7 soursop leaf sheet created by the Ant's nest rang rang, and then squeeze the leaves to get out of the water and drink water regularly.

Treating Eczema and rheumatic

Soursop leaves are also useful for treating eczema and rheumatic, how by squeezing some soursop leaves and place it on the part that hurts.

And so the discussion about the benefits of Soursop leaves for health that we can provide to you, may be useful and keep always your health.

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